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Our Team

Arjun Khadka

My name is Arjun Khadka. I would like to share something with you about myself and how I became a Trekking Guide. Where I was born and what trekking means to me.

I was born in the village of Dhading, just west of Kathmandu in the Ganesh Himal range. I am married to a lovely woman named Renuka and have one handsome son, Anup. We live in Kathmandu now. My parents have since moved on to the Chitwan District of central Nepal and are farmers. Such is life here in our abundant land.

I began studying English when I was 11 years old; then when I was 18 yrs. old I moved to Kathmandu. I started to look for work and made friends with other young men who were trekking guides. I was offered my first job as a porter at the age of 19 on a Gosaikund Pass trek in 1992. Please visit this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gosaikunda.

Gosaikunda treks are usually a minimum of 8 days treks. It was hard work but I enjoyed it so much I wanted to be a guide. I apprenticed as a porter for 2 years; learning the routes and responsibilities of a Guide. I stayed with my first company as a guide for 5 more years! During the period 1999-2000, I changed companies and continued as a guide and manager till 2008.

I studied at the Kathmandu Training Centre of “His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Ministry of Cultural Tourism and Civil Aviation” in 1999 to become a “professional government license holder” as a Guide.

My guide training consisted of two parts:

The theoretical course lasted for three months and provided general information mainly about topography, cultural scenery, history, zoology, first-aid training; also we studied how to recognize and treat altitude sickness, rescue and other associated topics related to mountaineering and climbing (not trekking). Then (b) after the theoretical program I took the practical part that was 45 days in length and included rock climbing as well as “camping organization.” This all proved to be very important when I decided I wanted to open my own company in 2010.

For almost 20 yrs. I have been trekking. I know what you want to see and how to get us there. I have a good idea what you expect when you visit and I will be here for you. Please write to me if you have any questions or need more specifics on a topic.

Thank You, Arjun
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